Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people shoot pre-weddings?
We only live once and your marriage is also a once in a lifetime event. You won’t be able to return the time. So do you feel you need to preserve the memory of your relationship with your other half before the big day?

We want to do a pre-wedding session, but we don’t know where to start, what do we do about this?
Well, looks like it’s time for us to sit and have a cup of coffee. We will find out what suits you the most. We may recommend you to travel, try some new experience or we may recommend you to shoot in our studio.
There will be the right solution for you.

Do we get the photo files?
For pre-weddings and family portraits, the size of retouched photo files are according to your purchased package.
As for wedding day, you will get all raw files in full resolution. There are no any retouching in raw files.

What about the video files?
For pre-weddings, you will get the final product on DVD or Blu-Ray Disc.
As for wedding day, after the final product is delivered, we will ask you for an empty hard drive so we can transfer all raw video files. This is because HD video files are huge. However, we will keep the final version for one year. We recommend you to copy or back up the DVD into your computer as soon as you receive the DVD or Blu-Ray Disc.

How soon can we get to see our raw photos?
If you live in Jakarta, you can drop us your hard drive, and we will transfer the raw files as soon as possible.
But if you live outside Jakarta or Indonesia, we will set up a link on the internet within two weeks, where you can download and preview your photos.

How much time do you need to deliver the albums & the videos after the event?
It depends on which albums. There are albums that can be delivered in less than three months after the event but there are also other type of albums that require more time to deliver. A wedding day video, will require five to six months to finish. However the length of delivery time may vary from time to time, you should find a point at the terms and conditions on your quotation mentioning the length of your delivery time.

Do we choose the photos for the album?
We do the initial selections and start the design process soon after. After we finish designing, we will upload them, then you can preview them on your computer. At this stage, you will also be allowed to revise things, such as making changes on the photo selections.

How do we make a booking for your service?
It’s pretty simple process, we will email you a quotation, which require your sign of approval. Afterward, a deposit of 30% will be required to book your wedding date with us. For pre-weddings, a deposit of 50% will be required.