Caroline & Albert

The more I get into this job, the more I found a situation that I didn’t get a chance to meet the person I was supposed to take the picture of. I was hoping to meet Albert or Caroline during the technical meeting, but Albert had a DB (Dengue Fever) and was just out of the hospital while Caroline still had some work to do back in the States, so she just returned few days before the wedding.

Few weeks after the wedding, Caroline told me in her email, they had to cancel their honeymoon because she got a DB so she had to stay in the hospital for a few days. And I thought both of them are just tough guys.
They didn’t want to disappoint anyone and the fact they didn’t.
Well, I hope the next time you guys come home, the mosquitoes won’t give you a hard time and I’m sure you’ll have a better honeymoon in the future. Ciao = )

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