Michael Gibbons

There are a couple of things I really admire from Michael.
First, I admire him for his love to what he does.
If you see the person, you’ll understand how much he loves and cares for it.
Michael is now the head of Universita Del Caffe Dell’ Indonesia.
Not only he gives lectures to his students, he’ll also show them how to make a proper coffee,
watch them, correct them and applaud them after they do things right.
He won’t hold back his experience for others. He cares for others to succeed.

Second, I admire him for his strive to always learn more.
We talked a bit during a break and I was a little surprised to hear from him
that he’s still got things to learn about coffee.
He’s been in hospitality industry for 25 years.
So I thought what else does he have to learn after such a long career?
I don’t know exactly the complexity of coffee but if I relate it to what I do, I can see his point.
And to certain extent, he understand photography better than I do.

Yesterday Michael sent his message to the students on how to be a good coffee maker.
“Put your mind and heart together! And give everything you got.”

Sounds pretty simple, right? But to do it, is completely another thing.
This man is an example at work.

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