Uchie & Erick

Uchie & Erick’s wedding is one of the weddings that I shall remember for a long time.
How could I forget being stuck at the highway at 3.30 AM ? AM not PM fellas.
That was seriously depressing at the time. But, that was one of those things that reminded me if we want to achieve our goals then we’ll have to fight and earn it. Thankfully, I still got to Uchie’s place on time.
I got to know Uchie & Erick from her besties, Yuli, my dearest friend and client.
Uchie and Erick shared a lot of interesting stories during the pre-wedding photo shoot about their long relationship, the nature of their work at oil industry and last but not least their wedding preparation.
Well, they’ve been together since junior high school so I can assume, they had a pretty big crush on each other.
As time goes by, nothing can separate them from the love they have.
I accidently met them a couple days before Lebaran, it came a bit of a surprise that Uchie’s expecting a baby.
And they looked very happy together as a family.
It almost felt like the happiness they showed on their wedding day : )

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