Winter Wedding in Perth, Australia

No one knew how the future is like.
My short story with Stephen and Yuli perhaps can be an example of it.
I met Yuli during my exchange period to Brisbane in 2003.
We hang out once in a while and got on pretty well.
I always remembered Yuli as an honest and straight forward person, but she’s also caring and full of fun.

A few years later, I accidentally met Yuli again in Jakarta with this dude, Stephen. I didn’t even knew they had a relationship as she didn’t really say much at the time. It was only a brief introduction and few minutes chats until we said goodbye. It never crossed my mind I would have Stephen as one of my close friends since we pretty much enjoy different things in life. Starting from different foods, different lifestyles, different fashion etc. But we’re both crazy about football. That’s one thing in common I can think of right now.

However as time went by, Stephen and Yuli became such a unique couple for me. I feel they’re similar almost in every way. When we talk, there’s no boys matter only or girls matter only. Our conversation were frank and honest. I guess the ups and downs that we shared for the last few years helped us to grow better as a person. Now, they’ve been happily married for almost 3 years and were blessed with a baby, named Sophia.
Although we often chat on Blackberry, I sort of missed our ‘coffee table’ conversation and that little city they live in : )

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