Seeing a New Hope

15 October 2012

It all began when I was on my way to work and tuned in to the radio.
That morning I listened to JakFM, where their famous radio announcer Ronal and Tike were discussing about the big event of the day, the new elected Governor, Jokowi and Basuki inauguration.
Suddenly I was thinking to come down and shoot something there, but then I was also thinking what if I lost my wallet there. That could be a disaster.
After few minutes of thinking, I decided to go. So I texted my colleague at work,”Let’s prepare some cameras, we’re going to DPRD (The People Representatives House)!”

I didn’t and never plan this.
I just wanted to feel the power and the enthusiasm that people brought.
Like many times before, people have been fooled by an effective campaign tag ‘It’s time to change’ or ‘The change is now’.
With a campaign tag ‘Jakarta Baru’, it’s more or less the same strategy.
People bought it, but people have seen his work at Solo, so there’s a strong reason why we should go and back for this new leader.
For the first time I didn’t want to see it from TV.
Just like thousand of Jakarta people who came to DPRD at Kebon Sirih,
I wanted to see the face of this new hope from close, from the street.
Beyond Jokowi and Basuki faces, these people see and expect a better system, from welfare, transportation to health service.
People who stood next to me often shouted,”Jangan lupa kartu sehatnya pak!” Another shouted,”Abis kartu sehat, kartu ATM BCA nya pak!” It’s hillarious at times.
The wide Kebon Sirih street is full of people. Men, women, and also children. Before Jokowi showed up, the crowd sang the Jokowi’s anthemn,”Jokowi siapa yang punya? Basuki siapa yang punya?”
They went wild the moment Jokowi showed up at the stage. Together they shouted his name,”Jokowiii, Jokowii, Jokowi!”

This experience left me with one big question,”Can they deliver?”
The expectation is so huge and yet the work can be described as complex.
With the right mindset and work ethic, I believe they can. But only time will tell.

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