Elaine & Harry

If I were to shoot a first dance scene for a movie, I would probably couldn’t be happier with the pictures I got from Elaine & Harry first dance. But.. this is not a movie. No direction, let alone a re-take.

Elaine and Harry tied the knot in Bali about a month prior to this beautiful dinner reception, which was held at Harry’s family residence. And it looked to me they felt very much at home. Perhaps that was my extra blessing that evening.
You might have heard many times that you can see a couple’s chemistry when they looked at each other.
In this case, I’m afraid that didn’t really apply to them. They could look anywhere and you could see clearly the chemistry between them.

If someone asks me to pick my favorite shot on the night, it will be the black and white picture, just when they’re entering.
And when I shot the first dance, the one I put on top of this post.. I probably has lost a word to describe.

Elaine and Harry are a match made in heaven.

N.B : wonderful flowers and decoration by Amarilis

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