2010 Summer Break

Now let’s begin!
So for my first post, I will share some of my travel pictures from last summer in Bali.
Being Indonesian, I always feel Bali is the perfect getaway for me.
It’s just one and a half hour flight from Jakarta.
Peaceful and quite with many beautiful sceneries as you can imagine and yet the foods are irresistible!
I’ve probably been working bit too much in 2010, with the exhibition, the renovation of our new studio and gallery,
Not to mention the daily and weekly work.
It’s almost 10-12 hours work a day, I felt a break was very much needed. So last July, I took some time off and
went to Bali just for 4 days.
At first, I wanted to leave my camera at home, but I guess it would be a huge mistake after seeing all these pictures.
It’s a pretty normal vacation, apart from the weather. Bali was raining for 3 days in a row, but hey Bali is still Bali,
We still had a lot of fun with our friends. Now I’m back in business again! : )

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