Modern Wedding in Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Kenneth & Ockta wedding on 4 January 2014 was the first wedding we shot in 2014.
What a time to start a new year! Because this was our first opportunity to shoot a wedding in Singapore.

But when our flight was delayed for about 2 hours a day before, it certainly wasn’t the kind of start we were looking for.
About 10 p.m that evening, we met with Kenneth & Ockta at the Fullerton hotel to check the venue.
I could feel they both really looked forward to the big day.

So the next day, It was still dark outside when we left our hotel about 5 in the morning. We took a bus ride to get to the Fullerton hotel because we never go with a bus when we shoot in Jakarta, so we wanted to give it a try.
We had all the space for our bags and equipments since there were only few people on the bus apart from us.
Felt like we had a private bus and the bus stopped only about 50 meters from the hotel. We enjoyed this experience a lot.

Everything just went very well.
Kenneth and Ockta must have felt so much love on that beautiful day.
These pictures say everything about their happiest day.

By the way, if you decide to watch their wedding trailer at the end of this post, I finally understood a couple of months later why the flight had to be delayed.
Because if it hadn’t happened the way it happened, we wouldn’t have that beautiful sunset sky shot above Singapore.

Kenneth & Ockta (Trailer) from Andrew Octaviano on Vimeo.

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