When In Italy, Let’s Talk About Romance

We were still in early Fall 2015 when we went for this trip. It was at the beginning of September, where the weather’s nice and many people were really in the mood to go out. The next morning after our night out in Navigli, a famous district in Milan for nightlife, I was a bit curious why they were so many Italian stayed out late on Monday. Ciro, the driver explained to me, in Italy between 9 p.m to about 1 a.m, Italian went out to socialize.
It doesn’t matter if it’s weekdays. They called this moovina. And in Italy, their business hour started a bit later in the morning. So there we were, just in the perfect country to relax and chill out.

I remembered our first stop on this trip was a bar at Navigli. There were three of us plus Verencia, who did all make up for Jane for this trip.
A glass of beer was all we needed to end the afternoon and to officially begin our shoot.
When you look at the results, I was hoping I could save time telling story about the photo shoot.
Edelix & Jane were simply awesome.
They both were very lovely people to be with. I’m so glad we had this adventure together.


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